What is Inbound Marketing?

Buying ads, email lists, TV spots and bugging leads is the way of the past. These techniques no longer work as viewers can easily block out ads or just not pay attention. Inbound marketing focuses on creating great fresh content that pulls visitors towards your company and services/products. By creating content around your customers interests we will naturally attract traffic and increase the amount of qualified leads we get through the web. In essence, inbound marketing attracts leads rather than creating more random advertising.

We want to attract, not annoy.

These are the areas Inbound Marketing focuses on:

  • Landing Pages – Landing pages offer potential leads to provide more information to your sales staff through online forms. You can gain more information by giving something away in exchange for more information. Give them a reason to want to give you their email.
  • Social Media – Create a human face to your brand and interact with your prospects where they spend their time.
  • Content Marketing – Create great content that keeps visitors coming back for more information.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Even with great content we need to help search engines index a site correctly. Using SEO tactics we can target specific keywords/topics and help visitors find our site.
  • Lead Nurturing – Email/Marketing Automation helps keep leads engaged and filter out non-qualified leads.

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