Run your marketing agency like the Star Trek “Bridge”

Its time to talk about boldly going where no marketing agency has gone before. We are going to talk about the dynamics of building the perfect marketing team using Star Trek as a reference guide. I recently watched the latest Star Trek movie and was amazed at how well the team worked under pressure… and while things around them started falling apart. Everyone knew their place, their responsibilities and what needed to be done. I know its a movie, but it gave me a great idea.

CaptainkirkCommanding Officer (Business Owner)

Every business needs a Kirk! Someone who is willing to make decisions and lead the team successfully through the dangers and risks of owning a business. This person is calm under pressure, respects his employees and understands team members duties well enough to appreciate their time/effort. He keeps employees on track but is not negative. This helps keep the rest of the team focused and willing to work hard. And last but not least he knows his own limits/boundaries but is always willing to try new strategies. It is important that “Kirk”s know their way around the ship and can help fill in gaps when needed.
Without a Kirk your business is floating through space with no real direction.

spockFirst Officer/Science Officer (Marketing Strategist)

Spock mixes knowledge and leadership together to not only help make decisions but also run things when needed. This is a Marketing Strategists main job, to assist in creating and aiding the team wherever he/she can. This person can look outside the needs of the company/client to see the whole picture, then make suggestions not based purely off of emotion but data. It is important that the marketing strategist be objective but know both the businesses objectives and clients objectives.
The Vulcan death grip is not required but may come in handy.


drmccoyChief Medical Officer (Designer)

“Dammit Jim! I’m a designer not a developer!” This person can sometimes be confused with a web developer but it is CRITICAL that the designer be solely responsible for the look/feel of any and all of a clients brand. If a brand is not kept intact then it can lose focus and go off course. Designers can sometimes do developer tasks but this is not their forte. Separating out tasks between design and development is sometimes the most challenging but will be rewarded by better designed sites and better functioning code.


scottyChief Engineer (Senior Web Developer)

Knows what is capable when it comes to coding and how far specific languages can be pushed. Without a good web developer a marketing agency will fall behind the times and rely on older techniques… and/or your ship will fall apart. Technology changes fast enough that this person will have to keep up with the newest trends/workflows. It is also important that the senior web developer be able to speak in layman’s terms to the rest of the “crew”. If they can’t communicate to the team, how can they expect to get the best answers?


suluHelm Officer (Accountant)

Without knowing where you are, how do you know where you are going? Instead of flying a ship this person is in charge of tracking cash flows. Funds are an important part because so much relies on keeping employees funded and projects moving. If funds are not tracked it is impossible to run your agency.


UhuraCommunications Officer (Account Executive)

To boldly go where no advertising agency has gone and reach out to new life and new civilizations… or talk to clients, we must know their language. Having someone available to be on calls, go to meetings and be a one on one representative of your company is a must. This will free up the rest of the team to do other marketing tasks and not bog them down with unnecessary meetings. Granted some of the team will have to beam down for a closer look, but this will help keep time wisely spent.


redshirtsRed Shirts (Interns)

Our red shirts do not parish first! Our red shirts simply fill the gaps and resources we need to get the job done correctly. Since they are usually newer to the industry they bring fresh new ideas and can be taught new technologies fairly easy.

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