Pay Per Click Advertising for Small Business in Erie

Many companies think that you need to have a big budget to run a pay-per-click campaign. Even bigger businesses struggle to control their own PPC campaign’s expenses as well as find the right keywords. If done correctly a PPC campaign can be done with a very small budget as long as some of the following criteria are met.

1. Big Data sets are not an option.

You will not have big sets of data to make your choices, if you are running a $100 a month campaign you will see your traffic increase but may not see the investment pay off right away. You need to test different landing pages, messaging, and keywords to find the right match for your business. If done by an individual this is done through trial and error, but with inbound monster’s proprietary tools we can hone your keywords and messaging to hit the target faster and more accurately.

2. Every Lead Counts.

Instead of looking at leads as data it will be easier to sift through and find the real leads vs. the casual viewer. Make sure your landing pages have enticing offers and make viewers want to fill out your lead gen forms.

3. Fix a problem.

This ties in with our last post because fixing a problem can help customers want to commit to your business quicker. If you have content about their exact problem then they know you have faced it before. This separates a good PPC campaign from a mediocre campaign.

4. Build on what works.

If you notice one of your PPC ads is reaching more people and having better results, try to figure out why it is working and emulate it. Then you can transition your other ads to be similar.

5. You can still test!

Just because you have a smaller budget does not mean you should only have one or two ads. Start with 10 ads and give them $10 a piece, after a couple of weeks start cutting out the under achievers and hone in on the others. Soon you will be a ppc king and leads will increase.

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