You Hate Your Friends|So Do We|Keep Them Out Of Your House.|Without A Stupid Cat.|Kitty Kandles.

Get That Lovely Piss Smell

Create that cat piss smell without a cat.
We Succeeded

We have created the iPod of the candle world, it is sleek, modern, and fucking useless. We hate cats enough to come up with ideas to hate them even more, now you can share our passion.

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El Diablo

El Diablo

Hot Sauce Enthusiast

Don't touch this asshole, his entire body is lathered in hot sauce at all times making his piss as rancid as David Hasselhoff's singing career.



Used All Nine Lives

Found in a junkyard floating in a pool of antifreeze, his piss can melt the hair right out of your nostrils. Brought back to life only to wreak havoc on your friends at your home dinner party.

Mary Jane

Mr. Wiggles

Regular Cat

Dont let his stupid face fool you, this cat pisses pure ammonia and vinegar. Raised by a south african tribe of pirates he loves the sea, but loves pissing battery acid more.

We are starting with cat piss smelling candles but FUCK, if it goes well we can expand into other areas.

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I spent my entire life trying to fix the wrong problems, I should have invested in Kitty Kandles.

Steve Jobs Apple Inc.

I use Kitty Kandles in all of my investment meetings, if they can withstand the smell... they are worth investing in.

Warren Buffett

Where there is love, there is not a Kitty Kandle.

Mahatma Gandhi

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