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Creating Customer Profiles

The Cheaters Guide to Creating Customer Profiles

Before we can start planning our marketing campaign or where to even start, we need to know who our customers actually are… And more importantly what customers WE want to have. Not knowing what customers you want can lead to an unhappy business plan and a lot of frustration.

Clearly defining who our customers are can help us define our goals, channels, relationships and even our online personality. Each customer is different and has different emotions but by grouping customers by certain factors we can help them more efficiently. Before giving you the answer to the “test”, lets go over some reasons for why it is important.

Reasons why you need to know your customers

  • It can help you find more “best” customers and can relieve frustration
  • Focus on the customer profiles you WANT to have rather than marketing to ALL customers
  • It can build better relations. If you are building up on loyalty brand, why not have customers you want to love!
  • Build products around good clients and their needs
  • Improve current products
  • Can help find where they “hangout” online or get information

The steps below and our “customer profile cheat-sheet” will help you start your path to building a better business. This cheat-sheet is the same one we use as a first step with our handpicked clientele. Below is a summary of what we will be going over on the cheat-sheet along with descriptions for each (if applicable). Continue reading

Google Ranking Factors

What Does Google Rank, and Why Keywords Don’t Matter

I’ve heard the same jargon for years, “its all about the keywords and keyword research“. More times than not it is from “SEO Specialists” who are pushing their own program rather than what actually is researched to work. We feel this approach does not help our clients and ends up hurting our efforts.

Lets take a step back

Years ago Google would rank websites based off of their keyword density on individual topics. This worked at first because the internet was just starting to blossom. Once marketers learned how to influence these rankings they could rank for terms with no real content on the page. This was a problem because Google wanted only GREAT CONTENT, not spammy content. Thus Google evolved into a complex algorithm hidden behind layers and layers of updates. Continue reading

How Inbound Marketing can Help Transform your Business

To put it simply, inbound marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on getting discovered by customers. Virtually any type of business can use inbound marketing effectively. Traditional marketing is basically outbound marketing, and it involves companies actively searching for customers.

The problem with outbound marketing is the fact that it can be very intrusive, and typically, it utilizes various techniques that are poorly targeted and frequently interrupt people. Some of the poorly-targeted marketing techniques that outbound marketing uses are trade shows, email spam, print advertising and cold-calling.

In most cases, it’s the way that companies use these techniques that causes so many problems. Modern technology is continually making these traditional marketing techniques less effective. Cold calls are blocked by Caller ID, devices like TiVo make television advertising almost pointless and e-mail tools block mass emails. Inbound marketing works much differently than outbound marketing.

Rather than interrupting people watching television with advertisements, companies using inbound marketing produce videos that potential customers would like to see. Instead of placing their confidence in cold calling, companies produce valuable content that causes customers to call them. Continue reading

Create a Killer Content Calendar

In an effort to help you on your marketing journey, here is an example content calendar.

Use it

  1. Replace your logo and add the correct dates.
  2. Take a look ahead and add any events, conferences or ideas you have for the month. Pay attention to holidays, these can be great ideas to plan around.
  3. Plan your blog posts first, then integrate your social media posts to share the posts.
  4. Fill in the gaps. We want at-least 3 blog posts a week and 3-5 social media posts as well.
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4 Step Guide to Making an Amazing Inbound Marketing Strategy

We talked in the overview post on the basics of inbound Marketing but how do we develop a marketing plan around this concept? Its not easy switching from the old outbound methods such as cold calls overnight. Some of the old techniques might still be applicable if done correctly, that is why it is so important to analyze what is working and what is not. After we analyze our current approaches we can more easily transition into this more cost effective plan. Lets get started! Continue reading

What is Inbound Marketing?

Buying ads, email lists, TV spots and bugging leads is the way of the past. These techniques no longer work as viewers can easily block out ads or just not pay attention. Inbound marketing focuses on creating great fresh content that pulls visitors towards your company and services/products. By creating content around your customers interests we will naturally attract traffic and increase the amount of qualified leads we get through the web. In essence, inbound marketing attracts leads rather than creating more random advertising. Continue reading


Inbound Monster Goes Public!

Welcome to!

Our website is dedicated to helping clients get over the hump of “traditional” advertising and take a more proactive approach to their advertising. Gone are the days where we can blindly promote our products and or services through cold calls, TV spots and having a static website. We must provide fresh new content and intriguing ideas that viewers can find WHEN THEY WANT TO.

Here are some of the topics we will cover on this blog:

  • Our Company – This blog will keep you up to date with our own successes as well as our clients.
  • Industry News – Advertising and technology change as such a rapid pace we want to make sure we fill you in with the latest and greatest.
  • Inbound Marketing – We will update you on what works when marketing and what are realistic expectations.
  • Tips and Tricks – Our job is to not only DO the work, but also to INFORM our viewers what we do and why it is important.

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