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Don’t Sell the Drill, Sell the Hole

Many of us get lost in our own products or services and forget the real reason they exist…. To fix someone else’s problem. I will give you an example:

The greatest most advanced drill known to man.


Get the job done faster by using the most advanced drill ever.

We can see from the second example that we are solving the problem. If we were to run these as a real campaign more than likely the second call to action would work the best. Continue reading

2014 Marketing Predictions

2014 Marketing Predictions

At the end of every year we look back at the what has transpired the year before. It was a HUGE year for all of us at Inbound Monster because it was the first year we were a fully fledged business. 2013 was also a big year for inbound marketing and shaped content as a driving force behind digital marketing from now on.

Our Super Awesome 2014 Marketing Predictions

  1. Those who do not have content marketing plans for 2014 will left in the dust.
  2. For all intensive purposes “SEO” is dead and content marketing takes its rightful thrown. Continue reading
Google Search News

New in the world of SEO

Google continues to reevaluate its own search engine constantly. Among its own evaluations it releases updates to better help viewers find what they are looking for. Lets welcome Penguin 2.1 or “Hummingbird” as Google calls it. It represents some of the biggest changes we’ve seen from Google and reaffirms many “good” SEO practices. Humming bird affects 90% of its search results and focuses on the user by helping find better answers to real questions.

What This Actually Means

Here at Inbound Monster we want to remove the fluff and give the important information.

Keywords are gone

Google does not want to focus on specific words. This is bad news for older SEO houses that prey on the under informed public. It is now going to be harder to see specific keywords in Google Analytics. You will now see an increasing percentage of “not provided” within the keywords dashboard. Continue reading


Run your marketing agency like the Star Trek “Bridge”

Its time to talk about boldly going where no marketing agency has gone before. We are going to talk about the dynamics of building the perfect marketing team using Star Trek as a reference guide. I recently watched the latest Star Trek movie and was amazed at how well the team worked under pressure… and while things around them started falling apart. Everyone knew their place, their responsibilities and what needed to be done. I know its a movie, but it gave me a great idea.

CaptainkirkCommanding Officer (Business Owner)

Every business needs a Kirk! Someone who is willing to make decisions and lead the team successfully through the dangers and risks of owning a business. This person is calm under pressure, respects his employees and understands team members duties well enough to appreciate their time/effort. He keeps employees on track but is not negative. This helps keep the rest of the team focused and willing to work hard. And last but not least he knows his own limits/boundaries but is always willing to try new strategies. It is important that “Kirk”s know their way around the ship and can help fill in gaps when needed.
Without a Kirk your business is floating through space with no real direction. Continue reading

Google Turns 15, Makes Changes That Will Affect How You Should be Marketing

Google has recently made some major changes to it’s search algorithm and also how it handles search analytics. Yes, Google has made changes that you need to be aware and that will have an immediate affect on you as an online marketer.

Google announced a major change to it’s algorithm this week in what is being considered a major overhaul of its search engine. The change is expected to affect Approximately 90% of all search queries. “Hummingbird”, as Google has called this algorithmic update actually went into action nearly 1 month ago. Fortunately, unlike previous updates like Penguin which sent SEOers into panic mode because of the drastic shift in search results, Hummingbird has been a bit more friendly.

The most notable change is the way in which Google search now handles complex questions as queries. Google has essentially improved its understanding of human speech patterns. Most users no long search for things using key words or phrases but instead tend to ask Google questions. According to Google this has been a recent trend over the past couple years. Continue reading

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