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Google Turns 15, Makes Changes That Will Affect How You Should be Marketing

Google has recently made some major changes to it’s search algorithm and also how it handles search analytics. Yes, Google has made changes that you need to be aware and that will have an immediate affect on you as an online marketer.

Google announced a major change to it’s algorithm this week in what is being considered a major overhaul of its search engine. The change is expected to affect Approximately 90% of all search queries. “Hummingbird”, as Google has called this algorithmic update actually went into action nearly 1 month ago. Fortunately, unlike previous updates like Penguin which sent SEOers into panic mode because of the drastic shift in search results, Hummingbird has been a bit more friendly.

The most notable change is the way in which Google search now handles complex questions as queries. Google has essentially improved its understanding of human speech patterns. Most users no long search for things using key words or phrases but instead tend to ask Google questions. According to Google this has been a recent trend over the past couple years. Continue reading

Call To Action Tips for Getting Your Customer to Click!

If you are having trouble getting your visitors to specific landing pages once they are on your web site, your CTAs or “Call to Action” buttons may be the problem.

A Call to Action is when you are asking your visitor to “Do something.” There are a few different types of call to action buttons. While each type aims to get visitors to perform a certain action. These actions can vary depending on the type of business. In most cases however, it is a persuasive graphic that asks the visitor to “Click here”, “Add to cart”, “Download this PDF” or “Watch our Video”, but really it can be anything you want your guest to do.

Below are a few tips for improving your call to action graphics, helping you get your visitors to the pages you want to convert more leads.

Make them large

On any given web page there are probably many links and buttons. You want your CTA to stand out, be obvious. Do this by making it the largest button on the page. Remember, use some common sense here. Just because it needs to be larger don’t go overboard. There is a difference between “Standing out” and just being gaudy. Continue reading

Creating Customer Profiles

The Cheaters Guide to Creating Customer Profiles

Before we can start planning our marketing campaign or where to even start, we need to know who our customers actually are… And more importantly what customers WE want to have. Not knowing what customers you want can lead to an unhappy business plan and a lot of frustration.

Clearly defining who our customers are can help us define our goals, channels, relationships and even our online personality. Each customer is different and has different emotions but by grouping customers by certain factors we can help them more efficiently. Before giving you the answer to the “test”, lets go over some reasons for why it is important.

Reasons why you need to know your customers

  • It can help you find more “best” customers and can relieve frustration
  • Focus on the customer profiles you WANT to have rather than marketing to ALL customers
  • It can build better relations. If you are building up on loyalty brand, why not have customers you want to love!
  • Build products around good clients and their needs
  • Improve current products
  • Can help find where they “hangout” online or get information

The steps below and our “customer profile cheat-sheet” will help you start your path to building a better business. This cheat-sheet is the same one we use as a first step with our handpicked clientele. Below is a summary of what we will be going over on the cheat-sheet along with descriptions for each (if applicable). Continue reading

improve your blog

Put Some Lipstick on That Blog

By now you have seen a million of them – Blogs. B2B and consumer brands alike have been watching the trend grow the past couple of years and most, if they haven’t by now, have added some kind of content marketing into part of their overall marketing and branding strategy. Content marketing, if done well, can bring business more traffic and help build awareness. But aside from your everyday run of the mill blog there is more that you can add into your content marketing strategy to get improved results.

Help get your blog noticed. Here are a few suggestions to help dress your blog up to get the most out of it.

Create an eBook

If you are an industry expert or just very knowledgeable in your field, try writing and eBook that a visitor can use to download. It can be a “How to” guide or even a more detailed version of one of your blogs that provides more insight to a topic that couldn’t be covered in a short period of time. If someone has general interest in what you are blogging about, they might like to learn more. eBooks can range from just a few pages to 8, 10, or 12. It all depends on the subject. Continue reading

Google Ranking Factors

What Does Google Rank, and Why Keywords Don’t Matter

I’ve heard the same jargon for years, “its all about the keywords and keyword research“. More times than not it is from “SEO Specialists” who are pushing their own program rather than what actually is researched to work. We feel this approach does not help our clients and ends up hurting our efforts.

Lets take a step back

Years ago Google would rank websites based off of their keyword density on individual topics. This worked at first because the internet was just starting to blossom. Once marketers learned how to influence these rankings they could rank for terms with no real content on the page. This was a problem because Google wanted only GREAT CONTENT, not spammy content. Thus Google evolved into a complex algorithm hidden behind layers and layers of updates. Continue reading

Create a Killer Content Calendar

In an effort to help you on your marketing journey, here is an example content calendar.

Use it

  1. Replace your logo and add the correct dates.
  2. Take a look ahead and add any events, conferences or ideas you have for the month. Pay attention to holidays, these can be great ideas to plan around.
  3. Plan your blog posts first, then integrate your social media posts to share the posts.
  4. Fill in the gaps. We want at-least 3 blog posts a week and 3-5 social media posts as well.
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