5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Facebook Results

We all jumped on the social media band wagon but many still have troubles getting attention amongst all the other pages. Here are some quick errors that kill your posts. Boost your views and get the engagement you want out of your posts.

1. Your posts are not personalized – You are using a posting program or only reposting other people’s ideas. This make your posts look generic and tunes out potential leads. Show off your creative side! Let go of the bland posts and be entertaining.

2. You are not paying to promote your best posts – This has become an essential part of getting your message across since business posts are filtered out. Promoting your posts solidifies the percentage of viewers that will see your post.

3. Not Utilizing Imagery – ALL of our posts should have some type of image\infographic since Facebook has become such a visual medium.

4. You are not solving a problem – focus on your customers pain points, why do they need your product\service, what would they like to see? By answering questions you are more likely to get real engagement.

5. Your not engaging your audience – have prize contests, picture caption contests, and any other contest that will spark interest in your page.

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