5 Reasons Why Google Analytics Sucks (if you don’t know what your doing)

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking platform but there are some common mistakes that might make it useless. Make sure you do not have any of the problems below.

1. You are not using Google Analytics tracking cookie on your thank you pages. Without the tracking cookie on all pages, it becomes harder to measure who is actually filling out your forms.
2. The dashboard is the only area you look at data. Deep with Google Analytics is a plethora of useful information about your sites visitors. Take a deeper dive and find more tid bits about your viewers.
3. You have not setup any website goals. Google Analytics allows us to setup goals within our accounts. This means we can setup tracking goals for all forms or links we would like viewers to interact with.
4. You have to have a strategy. You have all the information but do nothing with it. Believe it or not many small businesses have enough data to make decisions but fail to actually analyze the data.
5. You don’t know what your doing. You look through all the reports but have no idea what it all means. Fear not!!!! There are many online resources that provide walk-throughs and can help you on the path to a better useable site today.

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