4 Step Guide to Making an Amazing Inbound Marketing Strategy

We talked in the overview post on the basics of inbound Marketing but how do we develop a marketing plan around this concept? Its not easy switching from the old outbound methods such as cold calls overnight. Some of the old techniques might still be applicable if done correctly, that is why it is so important to analyze what is working and what is not. After we analyze our current approaches we can more easily transition into this more cost effective plan. Lets get started!

Here is a start-up guide to creating a marketing strategy that works for you

  1. Aim Before You Fire – Analyze what marketing materials/resources you already. Do you have anyone who can write on a weekly basis? Do you need to hire an outside source?
  2. Know your marketing – Who are your current clients? Who do you WANT your clients to be. Sometimes these two answers are different so it is important to write both down.
  3. Create a content calendar – List out the topics you will cover and when you want blogs/social media updates to occur. To help even further he is an example content calendar.
    3-6 blog posts per week is perfect
    3-6 social media posts a week
    Anymore than this and we are post too much.
  4. Integrate – The less moving parts the better. Utilize tools such as hootsuite to schedule posts to various social media platforms. Platforms like wordpress also help blogging easier and less time consuming.

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