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New in the world of SEO

Google continues to reevaluate its own search engine constantly. Among its own evaluations it releases updates to better help viewers find what they are looking for. Lets welcome Penguin 2.1 or “Hummingbird” as Google calls it. It represents some of the biggest changes we’ve seen from Google and reaffirms many “good” SEO practices. Humming bird affects 90% of its search results and focuses on the user by helping find better answers to real questions.

What This Actually Means

Here at Inbound Monster we want to remove the fluff and give the important information.

Keywords are gone

Google does not want to focus on specific words. This is bad news for older SEO houses that prey on the under informed public. It is now going to be harder to see specific keywords in Google Analytics. You will now see an increasing percentage of “not provided” within the keywords dashboard. Continue reading

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