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Run your marketing agency like the Star Trek “Bridge”

Its time to talk about boldly going where no marketing agency has gone before. We are going to talk about the dynamics of building the perfect marketing team using Star Trek as a reference guide. I recently watched the latest Star Trek movie and was amazed at how well the team worked under pressure… and while things around them started falling apart. Everyone knew their place, their responsibilities and what needed to be done. I know its a movie, but it gave me a great idea.

CaptainkirkCommanding Officer (Business Owner)

Every business needs a Kirk! Someone who is willing to make decisions and lead the team successfully through the dangers and risks of owning a business. This person is calm under pressure, respects his employees and understands team members duties well enough to appreciate their time/effort. He keeps employees on track but is not negative. This helps keep the rest of the team focused and willing to work hard. And last but not least he knows his own limits/boundaries but is always willing to try new strategies. It is important that “Kirk”s know their way around the ship and can help fill in gaps when needed.
Without a Kirk your business is floating through space with no real direction. Continue reading


Why We Started Inbound Monster

We have worked hard to not only market ourselves but also build a community around marketing topics and tips. As a co-founder of Inbound Monster I wanted to let you in on some of the reasons why we started Inbound Monster. Read below to find out why the monster started seeking more beds to hide under.

Before there was Inbound Monster…

We all were frustrated… Inbound Monster wasn’t our first rodeo, every team member has worked for various advertising agencies in the past. None of us were happy with our careers, we all wanted something better. Something we could be proud of, something worth working harder for and challenging. Inbound Monster was created by a TEAM and not a single person. Our primary goal is to create amazing inbound marketing strategies that build companies and get their message out. World domination through marketing might be nice as well.

Poor service for exaggerated prices

We all worked in an agency or on individual projects that just didn’t “work”. Either projects were sidelined due to incompetence or fell off track due to budgets/time. We wanted to fix this by offering better services, competitive prices and real expertise. We don’t oversell ourselves or promise the sun and want to grow your business with true and realistic marketing strategies, not a bunch of lies that pretend to rocket you to success. After all rockets start off in the right direction but are not sustainable and run out of fuel. Continue reading

10 Things to Look for When Picking an Agency

Below is a list of 10 key things to think about when picking an agency.

  1. Are the leaders competent
    Make sure that the leaders not only know the “lingo” but have ACTUALLY worked in advertising prior to starting their own company. Marketing experience is key since you don’t want to be their first success story.
  2. Do they have industry experience
    If they are a “niche” agency, make sure they keep up with the latest industry news. Their expertise must not just be shown in their work but also future recommendations.
  3. Do they push old methods like press releases for every little news article
    “Its all about keywords” I’ve heard this from all sorts of agencies which is a 5 year old SEO method… If these words are spoken, pick a different agency. Continue reading

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