10 Things to Look for When Picking an Agency

Below is a list of 10 key things to think about when picking an agency.

  1. Are the leaders competent
    Make sure that the leaders not only know the “lingo” but have ACTUALLY worked in advertising prior to starting their own company. Marketing experience is key since you don’t want to be their first success story.
  2. Do they have industry experience
    If they are a “niche” agency, make sure they keep up with the latest industry news. Their expertise must not just be shown in their work but also future recommendations.
  3. Do they push old methods like press releases for every little news article
    “Its all about keywords” I’ve heard this from all sorts of agencies which is a 5 year old SEO method… If these words are spoken, pick a different agency.
  4. Do you end up talking to a sales person rather than the actual team doing the work?
    Weekly meetings are redundant and can get in the way of actually getting work done. Instead of focusing on the project they are focused on meeting times and not the project as a whole.
  5. Do they have a plan?
    If they have to do weekly meetings with you then there really isn’t a plan. They are merely calling to see what work you want them to do. This is marketing services not an agency.
  6. Are they measuring your ROI
    Are they constantly staying “busy” and dwindling your marketing budget without any real results? Make sure you ask how projects will help your business and not just their bottom line.
  7. Do they use an ever evolving set of tools/methods to promote their business?
    Are they using the same methods they are trying to push on you for their own business? If an agency cannot market itself effectively, how can they market yours?
  8. Do they constantly use buzzwords?
    Don’t confuse buzzwords for actual technical experience. This is an easy way to tell the sales person from the industry leaders. Play buzzword bingo while on a conference call it can be fun and you can start to see who has no idea what they are talking about.
  9. Did they even read your RFP?
    Many agencies will send you a generic proposal that doesn’t even go over features of your proposed project. Make sure your agency cares about you as their client enough to at-least write a proposal based of your project.
  10. Are they hungry?
    This is the biggest one! If a smaller agency is willing to go above and beyond to not only meet your projects goals but surpass them then it can be a winner all around. They’re success is dependent on your success.

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